Monday, 28 November 2011

Travelling Lady

I arrived in Tokyo several days ago. I am here visiting my daughter. I have visited once before but last time I was based in rural Japan.

Because my daughter was working I navigated the Narita Express (the fast train from the airport into Tokyo) on my own. It was quite an experience with a few mishaps along the way but I made it to Shibuya station. Once there I had to find the Hachiko exit. This exit has a statue of a dog called Hachiko who waited faithfully for his master at the station every work day. Even after his master died he maintained a daily watch at the station for his master who never came again. The true story has been made into an  emotionally moving movie.

I found the sign saying Hachiko exit but true to my geographically challenged self I could not find where exactly I should go and instead found myself on a train platform. It was then I started engaging the locals with a combination of sign language and the email from my daughter I clutched that had a written description of the Starbucks we were meeting at. Three encounters later I was on my way.

I could not work out how to use my ticket to exit the station through the automatic gates. Eventually an elderly gentleman and i had a conversation whereby he spoke in Japanese and waved his ticket and I used body language and mind messages to shadow him closely as he exited the barrier. Bear in mind that I was dragging a large and unwieldy suitcase behind me. I made it through still clutching my ticket and no doubt have made the list of wanted criminals in Japan.

My adventure was not over as I then had to cross what is known as "The Crossing" to find my way to one of the busiest Starbucks in the world. Of course I made it and my mission now is to learn one new word of Japanese a day.

I shall keep you posted and will add some photographs soon.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Delight, fear and disbelief

My favourite South Island location Oamaru

Last post I talked about having my 3rd job interview over a period of four months for the same position. Since then I have been to a talk where the speaker considered they were blessed because they had never been out of work in their life.
I have been out of work for the last four months and prior to my last contract position for an unheard of period of two years I was out of work.  However, I do not consider that means I am not blessed. It is just a sign of the times. I always find plenty to keep me busy when I am not in paid work.
My interview went well and I was offered and accepted the position. Then I experienced wild swings of emotion from thankfulness to disbelief to fear. It was hard to believe that after being left hanging for so long I had a permanent position.
After saying "thank-you Spirit" repeatedly, I then I fell into the pre-new job nervousness - omg can I perform this role. But as my daughter pointed out, what starts out as nervousness soon turns to bored when the mysteries of the role are revealed through sheer repetition.
I have a job (this picture was actually taken in Japan)!
A thought occured to me today that blogging is the modern day equivalent of the confessional and the comments we get are our Hail Marys. 
Enjoy your day.