Saturday, 29 October 2011

My first attempt at uploading photos

                                          Sunset at Piha, West Coast, Auckland, New Zealand

This is a beautiful part of the world. The air is vibrant and full of ozone; the tides are wild and treacherous. I love to swim here, although many drownings occur each year. It is mainly fishermen fishing off the rocks and migrants unused to the tidal rips who find that their luck has run out.

For the rest of us it is a special place to visit. Much of the land is historically Maori tribal land and some of it retains special spiritual and healing qualities, making it an ideal place for a retreat. I feel very close to the source of a greater power than myself when I am here. The scenery is full of majesty and wonder.

Welcome to my followers. I am delighted to say my followers have tripled in recent times! I am thrilled to have your company and I note your diverse origins - namely Japan, England and USA. How amazing is that!


  1. Beautiful photos. The first time I tried was a disaster, and the second time, and the third...

  2. Thanks John. But look at you now - beautiful cobweb photo and your own sign off signature!